Monday, November 30, 2009

Family and Friends

Some pictures to attest to our first few weeks on the road.

our first week spent at my sister and BIL was great! their new place was open and roomy. We soaked in the hot tub a couple of nights, but spent most of the time in the sewing room. here are pictures of their dining when one stands in the living room, and the next picture is their living room height

After visiting my sister we visited friends in North Carolina- the days and nights were spent laughing or listening to these two guys laughing.. it was wonderful! and how gracious was Gail- we had a really good time

We then took a few days to travel across the states- this is a picture of Bruce at the site where Bonnie and Clyde were killed in an ambush

Friday, October 23, 2009

How faithful to speak!

We are on this journey thru this new season, and sometimes I don't know what is around the next corner, and where this might have caused me stress another day, in the day of today... I worry not- for He WILL keep in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Him!- I have always believed this, and I can only speak for myself, that throughout this Christian experience, my mind is on HIM most 24/7. There have been times however, no matter how much my desired purpose was to stay on Him, it strayed into doubt, or uncertainty- but I would always come back, praying, praising, asking for guidance, worshiping, believing, and trusting- ALWAYS trusting for I knew Him to be faithful, where I might be found faithless- My God KNOWS me! He knows my heart- he knows my thoughts, he knows ME.
Anyway today I was actually encouraged by Him in the most unusual way- while reading a fiction book, the words spoke to that place where his voice echoes within...What? it cannot be!, but I know that if he can speak thru a donkey, he can certainly speak thru a book
"you chose amid doubts the path that seemed right, the choice was just... Your next journey will be marked by your given word." (jr.r, tolkien)
Now do I know what this all means... nope...but I am assured that this journey is the right thing we are supposed to do right now, maybe I won't ever know the why's, or the impact on doesn't matter in the end. I know that I know that today I am where I am supposed to be, and pray that I can be all that I am supposed to be today. We are only granted the moments, and I want to relish in THIS moment- not regrets, not future plans- but this moment of today, side by side with Him... listening for the whispers (and yes there have been a few!)
And on a side note..watching my husband learn to relax is good too! Time spent with my sister and brother in law was good, Very Good- he and Ken probably spent time commiserating together about their similar wives! but I also know they had a number of laughs- though not at the expense of any person! and he blessed them with a feast on the last night, one they will eat for a few days!
We are looking forward to our final destination, but are planning a few stops along the way. He is learning to relax too, but Most importantly for the last two days he and his childhood friend have laughed til their sides ache and I honestly think they will probably do this for days! How good it is for his health!
Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Season change

During worship tonight I had a memory vision of walking through a department store- it was 23 years ago, and I was struggling in a valley and was using this shopping excursion (with my then 16 yr old) as an diversion. As we walked by the perfume counter one of us decided to try on some different scents- I walked out that day with my first bottle of good perfume, and wore it for 23 years! It became the signature smell of me- mom, gramma, friend, sister, wife. My children would tell me that when they rode in my car, they got the instant thought of me, since my scent was on the seat belt.
Fast Forward to Christmas 2008- my husband finally tells me he never liked my perfume... and bought me a new one. The new fragrance was nice, it resembled another fragrance I was familiar with, but it was different- and though I would use this new perfume -often... It wasn't me...except tonight, Oct 2, 2009... when I put it on I smiled, - odd feelings, like this was me now... I was comfortable with it, sort of like warm fuzzy feelings you get when you smell the whiff of autumn, hear the crunch of your shoes walking through dried fallen leaves or other such memories of comfort.
So then, tonight at church... after this memory vision during worship.. I realize that this vision is to remind me that who I was yesterday, my comfortable places of yesterday are vanishing,and I have been and am transitioning into this new season ...whatever that all means. One thing I am certain of is that it is a closer place with my husband, and that is good... really good. Oh he hasn't really changed, maybe mellowed out a bit..but we have grown close, and have the good sense to laugh at ourselves even in disagreements.
Anyway on to tonight... the visiting Preacher man gives his message- and boom... did it speak to me!, My last 15 years... became very clear in hindsight, not to mention what the Lord has impressed upon me this last year- getting my finances in order, leaving my position at work, and all that has been between He and I especially these last few years...It made sense , answers , understanding and things that I was having a hard time letting go....I needed to let go, let it ALL go... and move on- that is good.

I also realized that while I was recognizing truth as it lined up with my personal walk with the Lord- there were others who have watched from a distance- probably with their binoculars, stained with second hand information- who have absolutely no idea of where my heart is or where it has been, where my walk is or where it has been, and they , well meaning of course, I have no doubt they love me though they stay miles away.... they could potentially have completely different take on this whole thing. And that is sad, very sad... but that too I shall let go and move on

Monday, September 21, 2009


Okay for those of you that expect some spiritual exhortation from me will be disappointed... these are the facts.. down to earth plain facts:
10 or 20 years ago Monday nights you would find me with my teeth set on edge at 7pm. Why? because of Monday night FOOTBALL- Saturdays and Sundays already made for lonely times and by Monday night I was tired of being the one who had to give up TV ..more.. time!!!(not to mention the fact that I HATED football!)
Early in our marriage I tried to watch it with Bruce... but I was never exposed to the game until I was in my 20's...and I did not understand it. It was a big jumble for me. Over the years my boys got into watching the games too, and even some of the females in the fam would sit and watch, and they would even dialog with the men??? I still understood nothing! I wanted to, Bruce tried here or there- as these grown men would call out numbers, some running to and fro, then BAM! they would start smacking into each other, and goodness knows I could hardly follow the ball, much less watch what a 'tight end' did..besides by the time they ended up on top of each other it looked like...well never mind... lets just say they all looked alike from the backside.
Living in smaller quarters has been good for us. I liked having the cozier atmosphere, but it does come with the fact that the football, and other sports stuff...were going to be right in my face especially with this large screen TV- added to that the fact that Bruce has lost some of his hearing abilities (yes- probably due to that LOUD music he listened to as a teen, young adult) I was exposed to the SOUND in EVERY ROOM. SOOOOO I knew I had to just ...accept it... couldn't change it- it was just a fact...came with the territory... and I could either be miserable and stomp my feet demanding that- I (ME) - I get heard, that my life be made more comfortable OR I just yield to the inevitable and trust that my God could help me through.
I thought no more about it... and a couple of weeks ago I realized that while I was sewing (and my sewing room is right off the living room) I found I was following the game, asking questions and every once in a while standing up to see what was going on...??? hummm I found not one irritating thought or feeling in my HE did it again!!! HE changed ME (when I finally just yielded) and he didn't change him.. humph.... go figure... I guess my ideas aren't always necessarily the RIGHT ones.
Well that is small moment in our lives...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things I am learning and/or remembering

  • In a house with a baby, who is toddling- toilet paper that rolls to the outside is an invitation to have fun.
  • People still surprise me: both good and not so good,( though the reasons are best kept to myself)
  • Peek a boo never grows old
  • Toys picked up while child is resting become new when they awake
  • Babies learning to walk like to have an environment they can walk around..object to object (If it isn't there naturally they will gravitate around the room perimeter and there in lies all those wires and stuff..those NO's)
  • you can't say "I love you" enough
  • I love you's need to be said and, there should be some demonstation too
  • Everyone needs to feel loved, important, needed and praised!
  • We don't need to say everything that we are thinking
  • Playing as a child is liberating
  • breakfast is good morning, noon and night!
  • once you've tasted the REAL stuff, those prepared meals in a jar are disgusting!
  • An air mattress really can be comfortable with the air leaking out, if only you can find the middle and it envelopes you
  • Leaving a faucet pushed back out of the way and (oops) left on with a tiny little stream on can do quite a bit of flooding in 45min
  • My family rules are not necessarily someone else's
  • small accomplishments are to be praised
  • Babies are squishy, and give really wet kisses- on your lips or your toes!!
  • God is Good! He is Alive! and He is Working in ways that are not my ways!
  • OH Yes! If you are sleeping in a room 10month baby be prepared for the excitement everytime her eyes open and she sees you lying on the bed next to her (and I am not foolish enough to think that bringing her over to me will allow me a few extra minutes of sleep)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Time out for a while

Spending some good time in Texas watching a grandbaby time out from blogging until time opens up

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The times were changing

(still in history mode-)
In those early days I realized that it would have been easy to live in the land of yester-years- where offense and lack of relationship built walls of defense. The protection of my heart truly wanted to stay in the safe area.
The good news is that during all those same years God had been working on my heart, and the principles of emotional health, and hearts' freedom were seared in my soul and spirit. My deceitful heart wanted to hide, but Wisdom whispered to forgive, move forward, listen and learn.

So my adventure began- little by little day by day I allowed LOVE work its miracle power. My husband became attentive to all my needs when I came home... he served me dinner EVERY single night. If I wanted a drink of water- he told me to sit...and he would get it. I won't tell you it was all rosy, or that the food was great- it definitely wasn't. He had taken over the grocery shopping, and chose to purchase prepared food items for dinner. He also was clueless as to portion sizes!
But.... he served me- this man was treating me with honor- and of course still making silly comments, or doing silly things that would make me laugh- and I was learning- learning to enjoy my time with him, learning to laugh, and learning to relax.

Friday, August 14, 2009

He thought... I thought...

First- some history:
7 (or so)years ago my husband started these glorious WELCOME years of retirement.
This wonderful, faithful man went to work in a job he absolutely hated for over 30 years. In 1970, as a college graduate (degrees in Biology and Chemistry) he took a position as a computer systems analyst- thinking 'this will only be temporary!' He dreamed of working in wildlife management, or in the fisheries, or something along those lines...but there weren't many of job opportunities out there.
So in order to make a living for his growing family ( I was pregnant and not working in the nursing field yet) he took this interesting titled job in a field that was clearly new. He got on the job training for this MONSTER computer that took of an entire floor of his building. There were a couple of opportunities in his desired fields here and there. He applied for those jobs the first few years- but nothing promised anything more than temporary position. One interviewer did give a verbal promise of a long term position ...when the temporary position expired...but because it wasn't in writing, and my husband did not want to risk the security of the current job. (Anyone remember the Recession in the 70's?) Before too long the days, turned to years, and although he loved most of the people he worked with, his job was drudgery. So...when the opportunity came to retire early he JUMPED AT IT! and with my blessings- he really DID deserve it.

HE THOUGHT that life as a retiree was going to be pure bliss...get up when he wanted, go to bed when he wanted, basically do what he wanted, WHEN he wanted.

Me? I thought that he would tackle those things around the house that needed to be completed, ("to do list"), maybe take on the laundry, maybe learn to cook
, DO SOME DISHES ?!!! keep up the yard.. you know lessen MY burden since I continued to work as a nurse, and came home tired.

Pretty early on I realized that he MISSED human contact! Every night I would get home, and the moment I walked in the door to the moment I went to bed- he chatted- I mean HE CHATTED!!! I thought I would go crazy! I yearned for some peace and quiet and quickly realized that I could find some quiet time as I bowed out to do the laundry, or do the dishes ( no -he never did take to doing these things!)
After over 30 years of having a non communicative husband, suddenly I was dealing with this man who I didn't know! He would joke ALL the time, giggle at me- make me angry of course- and I realized that this was the lost man- the man I knew 30+ years ago, the humor that I fell in love with- and where the Heck had he been?!!! could I REALLY live through this?? Thank goodness I was still working!!!!
I figured out then that this would take an effort on my part- he was ready to play! A wise woman once said "Take the boy out of the man, and you lose the man" (Faith Dodge- in the 1980's) I wasn't really sure if I could walk this out.
I then realized that his place of employment had taken the best part of my husband for years- I got the left over stuff - in the evening, when he was tired, when he just wanted to unwind from the office politics and stress of the job... I got the quiet, and I spent my lifetime dealing with it, and praying for a change.
NOW here was my answer! and it was pretty uncomfortable!!! and I had to Thank The Lord for answered prayer! ( I realize too that GOD HAS a sense of humor) and it wasn't easy- but I have been learning along the way!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

In the beginning.

In the beginning ( i.e. the beginning days of my blogging) I couldn't figure out what I really wanted to blog about. What on earth could I write about that would be remotely interesting? So with some encouragement from fam I focused on my crafts, daily life of changes of moving, setting up household etc. Occasionally I would post some meaningful personal life's lesson or encouragement- but honestly it pretty much felt flat. It was hard to really express myself out there in this new public form of journalling. I still kept up my personal journal...and trust me I would NEVER put those thoughts out here in the land of blogs- who knows who would use these words against me?

So what has changed? Perhaps it was Julia and Julie movie that I watched with my oldest Granddaughter - encouraging me to be who I am in this season of my life. I think more accurately it could be said that I have been mulling over this for a while- how to spend my days? doing what? how can share with family and friends what daily life has been in this Autumn season of life- with me drinking my tea on the back porch (aka the deck) And how to do this with a positive spin (to replicate someone I love who only talks about the positive on her blog) I still want to share my life of doing what I love in my sewing/craft studio. I love sharing my thoughts as I decorate this home in what I have finally found to be me. But I also would LOVE to share some of these daily moments of living with my retired husband- and how these moments have lifted me, and warmed me. I would love to relate the smiles, and sense of contentment that goes along with our daily efforts to blend this life of two people who spent over a quarter of a century living together on separate paths. It has certainly has ups and downs, but these days are full of joy not unlike the smile upon my soul when I walk in those country mountain paths breathing in the earthy fresh air of the forest.

Its been difficult to share some of this verbally- primarily because everyone is soooo busy these days- so much calls for our attention, demands our time, our minutes... steals from those quiet moments that we,(woman) need! To sit and chat- with other women, older or younger- Just to share life- to gain some encouragment, or to be an encouragement to others.

So today is a new beginning. An inner challenge to start sharing some of these moments- in the written word on this blog, where you the reader will be able to read on your own timetable and hopefully, prayerfully, you might find in my words a glimmer of hope, a whisper of wisdom, a smidgen of truth buried between the lines, which will make your today or your tomorrows a little brighter.

Stop by again, have some tea, and sit with me on my porch.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Making some purses

okay I 've had a few hours in my sewing room and I have made 2 purses, and have 2 more cut out! The first one HAD to be the one I have intended to make for about 10 months now. I found the fabric in Virginia, and planned on making it for someone who made a nice comment about the bag I had made for Keila. (and it was in my heart to make this one)
That aside, I got a little creative and put three fabrics together ..Andrea told me it looks like shabby chic, Dee said Victorian... me ? I just liked it. I quilted all the outside pieces before putting these little treasures together. The Green one was the first is regular size... about 6inches across when sides are folded. the Larger three fabric one is 8 inches across with the sides folded in... and about 12 with all open.
It was fun, and I enjoy doing to get a stash to sell, so I can make a little money on the side, to buy more fabric, etc.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My days

My days certainly aren't what I pictured they would be. A friend emailed me last night and said "If I only knew that retirement would be so hectic! I'd like things to slow down somewhat!" That pretty much sums it up.
My better half has really gotten into Barbequing! and it has been delicious...but I dread the discussions at 1030pm about WHAT we are going to eat the next evening.
On a more personal note I did get to visit my aunt yesterday- what an encouragement to see her- she hates to be inactive, and makes sure she takes her walks daily! Her height has decreased over the years, and now Abby comes up almost to her shoulder! wished we had a camera!

This past weekend I was able to accomplish some long awaited projects- I put curtains on my kitchen windows. Took the valance that was originally on the window, and made it into more of a swag, and after sewing up the side seams, I hung my lace curtains. Also traded out the white shelves on wheels for a black shelf unit without wheels...I like it better

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

whispers of love

I hear in the background tears and my heart tugs with love
"Hey little pumpkin pie"- I say quietly.. "its going to be alright!
I love YOU! I miss you...give me a little kiss? "and nothing but silence whisper back in the phone... and then softly she giggles... and I know
SHE REMEMBERS! so very important for this ole heart of mine, she remembers the whispers, maybe kisses and hugs..but probably its the silly crazy things I did to liven up the day!

Life goes on to the end of the day, but soon my heart is torn in another deep way
I want to say- this is it! there will be no more pain! but my heart knows the truth, and I can only speak His Name.
I'd love to make it simple.. do this or do that...but I know a heartbreak intimately and it just needs to play each day out
He does come and move tenderly to bind up the broken wounded heart - but that doesn't mean its easy- I know that it is not
So though there will be mountains, and laughter and joy- I won't lie and say its tomorrow
Life's journey holds some valleys, some tears, and strong storms
I hope that you find some bridges, some help along the way
the journey is a lonely one, and we can only help by being here for you..what ever that means in your today
Does it help to say "He's Faithful!" for truth I know it is!
I hope you continue to call, when you need a shoulder or a friend to speak
Someday...SOMEDAY... we'll be reminiscing over these days so distant past
Someday you will know healing...and the scars won't even be seen
Someday I will whisper ... "today is now morning, and the night has since passed!"
Someday you will smile... and you will be whole...and saying to others
"This too shall pass"

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Does it get any better?

Sorry no picture here BUT I just wanted to mention:
Sloppy wet kisses,
Giggles and raspberries,
mad dashes across the floor to protect the black cord from getting chewed,
arms shaking, eyes crossing as the little mouth opens and she leans forward for another spoonful of oatmeal,
the swan dive on the floor which signifies "pick me up"
the jeep in motion, moving fast when it spies a desired object
attempts to save my glasses before they get sticky and pulled off
sing song girlie noises as she talks to me, and sings to me (yes the voices are different for each)
sweet picture of peace and tranquility as she falls asleep in her car seat, listening to her mom worship on a friend's baby grand
wondering what it is that she sees under the couch so deep, that she crawls at lightning speed to get it before I do (ugh those deep bends)(did I mention she has knee callouses?)
and those smiles of recognition that I get when she sees me after a good sleep
Hmmm the joys of being a gramma

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Roses , roses, roses, and good buys

Okay for all of you that will never visit my home:
At this stage of my life, one would think I would KNOW what I like... but most of my adult
years have been spent focusing on others, and what would make them happy, so much so that somewhere I lost the ability to KNOW what I like (as in decorating my new living space.) I have a few people to thank..mostly her( Ex: what do you feel drawn to? check out these blogs!, or that looks soo you!) , but also her, and her...they all encouraged me to find me in the midst of my eclectic style. so I listened, and I found there were two things that were constant- RED, and roses.. any in the red, rose colored, and even yellow. I did not like orange very much, but very much gravitated to the Pink ladies who decorated with rose plates, bowls etc, some lace, but needing some bold red in there too... And I finally figured out that hubby REALLY didn't care, as long as I was happy (why 39 years to figure that one out?) so when we found ourselves moving again (5th time in 5 years...) I knew it was time to take the space from the very beginning and make it mine. Blues are my husband's favorite, so I attempt to bring some blue in to make him not feel over run! Luckily for me Keila had the living room and bedroom with some blues on the walls so I am able to pull things a little together.( those rooms will be another blog!)
Over the last few months I have been to garage sales, flea markets, and doing some ebay to find some new buys and here is how I am putting things
together in my kitchen. Last year I started with my little red table (well old white chipped table enamel table that I painted with red, and flecked with white) then I bought some old soda fountain looking chairs with red and white checked seats I loved, and fit right in with my table ..then I bought that green hutch which sat on Ben's deck for a month.

So these are close ups of the items in my kitchen:
This is a bowl I bought in Texas, a sugar bowl from Gma, and a creamer from a garage sale in Texas- they don't match but I love them

Below is picture of two tin plates from a flea market..they have blue back ground and I thought that was a good way to bring in the blues,
then there is my mother's plated Tea/coffee set in front. The next picture shows my Goodwill plates behind pics of Ben, Derek and Dee...and my hubby's old silver cup (1889) he found at lake in the 50's, flanked by my silver sugar scuttle, and my unknown metal creamer/gravy server..with beautiful flowers. The picture on right below is red tray with my yellow roses,(ebay) other two rose Goodwill plates, a silver plated fruit plate from my mother's collection - all behind a picture of my sister and I at 1 1/2 and 2 1/2...I am on left .
Below is my wrought iron pot hanger, now used for decoration with aprons, antique towels, roses from Christmas tree shop..hanging over my new farmer's bench from the Christmas Tree shop. The red enamel plate was $2 at a garage sale, and works well with an enamel tea pot (sl hidden) I purchased on ebay...along with some oriental finds, ebay finds, flea market glasses with painted roses. the final picture is the beginning of my wall with ebay tray, and our antique tea set we purchased in texas. some day I will add more rose plates/trays etc.

Final set is a wrought iron shelf ,with red vase, two lovely old egg cups from my motherin law, and two blue cups with pink roses found at Christmast Tree shop, and finally a little area for the wonderful gifts given to me by my friends at ARC when I left my position

all in all I like my little kitchen...though honestly little finds get lost in the big picture, I have lots more to look for to compliment my look...AND I have fabric I want to add to windows... but I haven't yet gotten to organize my sewing room... but I am looking forward to being a busy little homemaker!
thanks for visiting...please leave me a comment and know you stopped in for a visit.. it keeps me encouraged

Monday, May 18, 2009

Silly Bird

I decided to post the picture of the bird talking and tapping on my kitchen window this morning...silly bird! I think the windows made a great mirror effect because I haven't yet cleaned them...but this poor guy could not understand why he couldn't fly into that which he could see! His mate, or family member could be heard calling him on from the trees to the west

Friday, May 15, 2009

Making all things new

Morning finds me smiling , eager to start the day. I dwell in an old, new surroundings dressed up to look like me, and I am content. Here is a peek at my 'new' kitchen.
Looking in from the front door is my tea area, tins and little box holding my daily drink packets, framed by a tray purchased on ebay, and crowned with my 25 cent at a garage sale -wire baskets (finally something to hold those onions and fruit buys) This picture is looking from the entrance way.. loving my flea market hutch- layered with old pictures, precious silver and pewter, roses painted on china and tin, colors of red, pinks and yellows- ebay , garage sales, flea markets, and from my mom's once held dearly collections- now mine to hold and smile with memories
Over my table is my new little tea set... well old, but new to me... I will take closer pictures another day- this 14 piece set (sugar and creamer on hutch) lost two of its family in the shipping from Texas, and has shown itself to be difficult to find replacements- is from Poland, and has the lovliest burgundy rose buds, and all the edges are kissed with gold... it just makes me smile
and can I forget the Lilacs from the little lilac bush I got for my birthday or mothers day 6? -9? years ago... what a little beauty it is today...and little hands now help me pick these sweet blossoms..hummm
2 Cor 5:17 Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


You know the adage.."one man's trash is another man's treasure" Well - I think I found some treasure in my garage sale, flea market visits- one is a creamer, and the other is a sugar bowl- they actually don't match, I bought them 100's of miles apart- but they both caught my attention, and they are now on their way to my home in upstate NY. Both have raised floral designs, and I bought them not knowing what exactly the base metal was from which they were created. The creamer was heavy and I was pretty sure it was pewter. The sugar bowl was declared to be silver plated by the store's employee, and a view of the bottom seemed to agree with that statement. It showed appearance of silver with black areas that have been chipped away. Both were dull in their appearance.
I got out the silver polish when I got back to Andrea's place, and the creamer cleaned up really nicely. I believe it is pewter and only for a couple of dollars!

Check SpellingThen I was on to the sugar bowl. We did pay more for this..but I have to tell you that the one thing that stood out on this common particular bowl, was its unusual shape, and the fact that it had a tiny baby scoop attached to it. The store clerk called it a 'master' sugar bowl (whatever that means) but I liked it, so my dear hubby bought it for me! When I got home and studied it further, I noted it had what looked like a coat of arms mark on the bottom. now what this mark actually means I have been unable to find out, but what I did decide to do was treat it as if it was silver, not silver plated, and I started using some muscle to rub OFF the black spots, and guess what??? the most beautiful silver did appear!! so I do believe this wonderful sugar bowl is a silver treasure- not necessarily worth a whole lot more than we paid, but certainly more of a treasure to me! (oh yes it is called a sugar scuttle because of its shape resembles a coal scuttle)
Isn't it pretty? I still need to polish it some more, but that is ok.

When I was cleaning these pieces up I was reminded of how God sees us, when we come to him... with all our potential, all that we can be, hidden by the blackness of our sins. Someone once told me that they thought another human being was the devil himself, but I think when scripture tells us we- war not against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities- it means that though the influence might be evil, the source is in the supernatural, and we can pray and believe that God's will be done- even in that influenced one. We don't always know why certain people act the way they do- whether it be an unseen wound, so deep it festers. or a weakness in their fleshly makeup- it doesn't really matter, because my God can get to the source of the problem, and he IS in the business of healing and reconciliation. So sometimes when all we see is blackness- whether it be self loathing, condemnation, or criticism of another- I remember that is NOT what God sees, and I take hope in HIS redemptive power!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bonding time

Living 1800 miles away does not make for getting to know grandparents (come to think of it, neither does 200miles) . Madeleine never met her grampa, and goodness knows she doesn't remember Maama from her time of being Bruce and I got to spend some time with Maddie today. (Jer had a couple of doctor appointments so we got to baby sit) I soon realized that I haven't really taken care of JUST a baby in a long time! and when there is only one- I actually don't get cranky- tired yes- but cranky , no. Anyway, after they left I got to feed her
( she really was smiling over this)

Then gave her a bottle and she dozed for a short time, when she got up she was very wet so i gave her a bath ...brought the baby tub to the kitchen sink, since there was no way I could kneel and give her a bath in the bathroom tub!
After bath, and after two changes of clothing we had some time on the couch- maama acting silly, peekaboo, silly sounds know things one does behind closed doors...and then I thought of the camera! so here is a good giggle shot

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a garden like no other

what a great way to teach children about the Resurrection!! Took the idea from here
so I went up to Dee's and gave her a break from the little ones for a half hour or so.
Sophia and Abby picked up small rocks, and wandered around the hillside. Bannon helped find the moss, and shoveled the dirt!
and here are a couple of pictures showing my insanity and the final product! If you look close you can see that our 'rock' with the tomb already carved in it was a great find..not to mention that I used my Heart Rock as the rock to cover the tomb after the crucifixion

Sunday, March 22, 2009

"what if its HIM?"

And so the song goes...challenging us to hear God speaking to us, in our normal everyday lives. We all "hear" Him in different I don't have to hear an audible voice to know its God... though there are a couple of times in my life, when I have this "I know that I've know!" that He has spoken... I can't explain it, something impressed upon my inside...oh well that is not what I am talking about here... Today I just wanted to share a little on how He speaks to ME... I am not you, and you might hear Him differently... but a number of years ago I started to see hearts in pretty much everything...trees, leaves, bath water, clouds... you name it.. I saw a heart, and in it God was telling me " I love YOU!" so I never got upset that someone else couldn't see how the branches of a tree formed a heart, I knew it was a message I needed to accept, that He loved me.
One day a couple of weeks ago I saw this on the way to my car...and turned around and got my camera...who would believe me?

today there is only a plain triangle rock, a vague reminder of the message I got that looks nothing like a heart!!!!

then on my walk Saturday I saw another heart, didn't have my camera so I brought the rock home, and took a picture of the rock
I know there are probably tons of rocks out there that look like hearts! but to me each is a small miracle, and I am encouraged in that moment-- He loves ME!!!---- thanks for listening

the eyes... final

Andrea did pretty good...18 was dee and 24 me... I can show the pictures to any that want to see, when I see you!
thanks for looking

Friday, March 6, 2009


Well here is a selection of family: knefley, levendusky. Although black and white the blue eyed folks shine their color...and I think you probably would be able to identify all .. but it was fun to sit and crop, after spending hours doing numbers... very relaxing! too bad everyone doesn't look face to camera so I can crop out eyebrows. I did notice that many of us have an eye droop...some right eye, some left... and those with two colored eyes tell the tale quickly... but again it was fun....1
. 2. 3. 4.

5 6,7

8 9 10 11


15, 16,17


22,23 24