Saturday, June 6, 2009

Does it get any better?

Sorry no picture here BUT I just wanted to mention:
Sloppy wet kisses,
Giggles and raspberries,
mad dashes across the floor to protect the black cord from getting chewed,
arms shaking, eyes crossing as the little mouth opens and she leans forward for another spoonful of oatmeal,
the swan dive on the floor which signifies "pick me up"
the jeep in motion, moving fast when it spies a desired object
attempts to save my glasses before they get sticky and pulled off
sing song girlie noises as she talks to me, and sings to me (yes the voices are different for each)
sweet picture of peace and tranquility as she falls asleep in her car seat, listening to her mom worship on a friend's baby grand
wondering what it is that she sees under the couch so deep, that she crawls at lightning speed to get it before I do (ugh those deep bends)(did I mention she has knee callouses?)
and those smiles of recognition that I get when she sees me after a good sleep
Hmmm the joys of being a gramma