Friday, December 26, 2008



Found some time on my hands, and hats I wanted for some grandbabies...and yarn just sitting there... SO I created my own patterns, and made some hats! what do you think?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Angels amongst us

I know we have all wondered ..."would I ever recognize an angel if he/she was amonst us? " We know that at anytime, we could be called upon to entertain an angel. Well today, I have not doubt, that I was in the presence of a few of them... or at least the closest, purest folks that could be angels.

today I went to a Christmas concert

They weren't even standing in order! One faced left, one faced right, but most faced forward. The music came from a tape player/ karaoke player...and one song ran into the next. Oh dear they couldn't even carry the tunes well, or even know the words..but most sang enthusiastically, santa hats on, smiles lighting up the faces.

The songs were GREAT!! I think though next year I am going to ask that the 'Santa Claus is coming to town' be eliminated from the list... the lady sitting next to me, all but burst out crying when we sang about being 'naughty or nice' it was obvious that it was real to her, You could almost hear her say " I hope I've been good enough!" The way her face contorted in pain was heart breaking...someone mentioned that perhaps she was remembering her previous life, when she didn't get gifts. I don't know, but I am sure she knew what the words meant.

A few songs later the group was singing "Joy to the World"... and the young man in the front row closed his eyes, and lifted both hands up in an attitude of worship...he didn't care that he wasn't in church, he didn't care who was watching...all he knew was that the songs spoke of of having joy that the King of Kings had arrived!

After the group had performed, a request was made from the audience that one of them wanted to share a song with everyone. The thin,elderly, blind lady with shaking hands received the microphone and sang her song. While the words might not have been exactly right, the melody was on the money! and I don't think I have every heard "Oh Holy Night" sung more beautifully,.

I left there with a smile, knowing that I just had Christmas...and I had been amongst some angels. Thank You God!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

down to the basics

Friday morning found us without power, therefore no phone, no electronics. Morning's silence rings with the occasional resounding...CRRAAACCKKKK as huge limbs ripped from their trunks, and trees without deep roots fell with the weight of the layer of ice on them.... giving the back yard a new look

I love the beauty that this type of storm lays on our landscape- the white and dark clouds soon gave way to blue skies and the sunlight sparkled through the glassy trees...what an awesome richness displayed by his hand

the pictures don't do it justice... the landscape sparkled.
It was a time rarely experienced- the quiet reigned, and at night when you rounded the corner a mile outside of town, the darkness loomed...but it wasn't a bad darkness.. it made for family laughs, candles, games, and a good night's sleep... I think that every once in a while we should ... make the most of our moments ....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Keeping it simple

To keep it simple!

Its all about HIM!

To see Him in my day... no matter where I am, what I am doing, He IS always there, softly speaking, always shining the light on my path, always loving.... no matter if I am busy with 'stuff'

busy with the clanging, and clatter that this life brings... I often find myself deaf!

but my heart yearns to hear, to quiet this clamor of noise that so often keeps my attention

and then on the way home.. the black clouds part and the skies open up a hole with beams of sunshine
.... and I am awed by the beauty He displays, and I rest..