Friday, October 23, 2009

How faithful to speak!

We are on this journey thru this new season, and sometimes I don't know what is around the next corner, and where this might have caused me stress another day, in the day of today... I worry not- for He WILL keep in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Him!- I have always believed this, and I can only speak for myself, that throughout this Christian experience, my mind is on HIM most 24/7. There have been times however, no matter how much my desired purpose was to stay on Him, it strayed into doubt, or uncertainty- but I would always come back, praying, praising, asking for guidance, worshiping, believing, and trusting- ALWAYS trusting for I knew Him to be faithful, where I might be found faithless- My God KNOWS me! He knows my heart- he knows my thoughts, he knows ME.
Anyway today I was actually encouraged by Him in the most unusual way- while reading a fiction book, the words spoke to that place where his voice echoes within...What? it cannot be!, but I know that if he can speak thru a donkey, he can certainly speak thru a book
"you chose amid doubts the path that seemed right, the choice was just... Your next journey will be marked by your given word." (jr.r, tolkien)
Now do I know what this all means... nope...but I am assured that this journey is the right thing we are supposed to do right now, maybe I won't ever know the why's, or the impact on doesn't matter in the end. I know that I know that today I am where I am supposed to be, and pray that I can be all that I am supposed to be today. We are only granted the moments, and I want to relish in THIS moment- not regrets, not future plans- but this moment of today, side by side with Him... listening for the whispers (and yes there have been a few!)
And on a side note..watching my husband learn to relax is good too! Time spent with my sister and brother in law was good, Very Good- he and Ken probably spent time commiserating together about their similar wives! but I also know they had a number of laughs- though not at the expense of any person! and he blessed them with a feast on the last night, one they will eat for a few days!
We are looking forward to our final destination, but are planning a few stops along the way. He is learning to relax too, but Most importantly for the last two days he and his childhood friend have laughed til their sides ache and I honestly think they will probably do this for days! How good it is for his health!
Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

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andrea said...

This is just so encouraging, in more ways than one. I could tell last night how happy you and Dad seemed. I can already see a difference in you both and I am so glad you are enjoying the moment to moment. I am learning to do this too and I look forward to you helping me to do this :) I love you!