Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Making some purses

okay I 've had a few hours in my sewing room and I have made 2 purses, and have 2 more cut out! The first one HAD to be the one I have intended to make for about 10 months now. I found the fabric in Virginia, and planned on making it for someone who made a nice comment about the bag I had made for Keila. (and it was in my heart to make this one)
That aside, I got a little creative and put three fabrics together ..Andrea told me it looks like shabby chic, Dee said Victorian... me ? I just liked it. I quilted all the outside pieces before putting these little treasures together. The Green one was the first one...it is regular size... about 6inches across when sides are folded. the Larger three fabric one is 8 inches across with the sides folded in... and about 12 with all open.
It was fun, and I enjoy doing it...now to get a stash to sell, so I can make a little money on the side, to buy more fabric, etc.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My days

My days certainly aren't what I pictured they would be. A friend emailed me last night and said "If I only knew that retirement would be so hectic! I'd like things to slow down somewhat!" That pretty much sums it up.
My better half has really gotten into Barbequing! and it has been delicious...but I dread the discussions at 1030pm about WHAT we are going to eat the next evening.
On a more personal note I did get to visit my aunt yesterday- what an encouragement to see her- she hates to be inactive, and makes sure she takes her walks daily! Her height has decreased over the years, and now Abby comes up almost to her shoulder! wished we had a camera!

This past weekend I was able to accomplish some long awaited projects- I put curtains on my kitchen windows. Took the valance that was originally on the window, and made it into more of a swag, and after sewing up the side seams, I hung my lace curtains. Also traded out the white shelves on wheels for a black shelf unit without wheels...I like it better

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

whispers of love

I hear in the background tears and my heart tugs with love
"Hey little pumpkin pie"- I say quietly.. "its going to be alright!
I love YOU! I miss you...give me a little kiss? "and nothing but silence whisper back in the phone... and then softly she giggles... and I know
SHE REMEMBERS! so very important for this ole heart of mine, she remembers the whispers, maybe kisses and hugs..but probably its the silly crazy things I did to liven up the day!

Life goes on to the end of the day, but soon my heart is torn in another deep way
I want to say- this is it! there will be no more pain! but my heart knows the truth, and I can only speak His Name.
I'd love to make it simple.. do this or do that...but I know a heartbreak intimately and it just needs to play each day out
He does come and move tenderly to bind up the broken wounded heart - but that doesn't mean its easy- I know that it is not
So though there will be mountains, and laughter and joy- I won't lie and say its tomorrow
Life's journey holds some valleys, some tears, and strong storms
I hope that you find some bridges, some help along the way
the journey is a lonely one, and we can only help by being here for you..what ever that means in your today
Does it help to say "He's Faithful!" for truth I know it is!
I hope you continue to call, when you need a shoulder or a friend to speak
Someday...SOMEDAY... we'll be reminiscing over these days so distant past
Someday you will know healing...and the scars won't even be seen
Someday I will whisper ... "today is now morning, and the night has since passed!"
Someday you will smile... and you will be whole...and saying to others
"This too shall pass"