Thursday, August 28, 2008

mid night thoughts

2 weeks post total knee,,,and still trying to plan my own recovery... I really would like to think that I can sleep for longer than 2-3 hours , and that I won't need as much pain med as yesterday..only to be kept awake and in pain looking for the four hour mark to arrive,,, in the middle of the night...and need I tell you that time does move slowly as you watch the clock.? I thought I had done rather nicely by increasing the Tylenol and decreasing the hydrocodone amount during the day...I did do fine until evening, and then it has been catch up ever since. position changes, exercises, ice, heat, ice, ice ice...and to no avail... so up I get at 145am awaiting the 4 am pill time.. at least it gives me real quiet time... and daily reflections, scripture readings etc

Shall I ever learn? one can only pray that I learn to rest and trust in the one who IS in control... and stop trying to take the reins .... that EVERY area of my life is concern to HIM.... breathe, breathe, breathe... every area of my life has a path designed by HIM...every area...every area!

Well thanks for stopping by... On a positive note-I have dragged out fabric, and downloaded patterns, and pictures that stimulate my creative juices to make some extra baby gifts..or gifts for the mommies. And of course I ordered some fabric..... I also realized the night before surgery that I could not complete what I intended so I sent two baby blankets to my wonderful sister Mary Ellen... to quilt for me during this season of post op healing,,, then she will return so I can complete them before andrea's baby makes her arrival

No pictures- didn't feel you really wanted to see this foot long stapled incision ... gggg

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

standing out in a crowd

Hannah giggled at me the other day, because I had two seemingly boring pictures on my camera. I had taken pictures of a local cornfield ...why? because every day when I drove by it on my way home I was mesmerized by a handful of stalks that stood above the rest. From this angle it isn't very impressing, but the message was still the same.. and it was a challenge to my spirit
"are you - who are being observed from all angles, by many passing by... are you being seen as standing above the rest? Are you being all HE intends you to be and are you seen as standing above the rest?"
obviously there are many areas that I was, and am convicted of settling for being part of the crowd, but I am truly amazed that He can take the normal boring things in life, and whisper a word of a heavenly perspective.... and reminds me that He is always there, and He cares.
thanks for listening!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


okay this is a pic of recent (within two months) fabric intent was to buy chocolate browns and teals...hummmmm

here is my so called stash of 'browns' (oh my do I have a problem..see blog below)

and this is my greens

and last but not least.. my intent was to purchase teals...but I couldn't resist


I think I chose my blog name, because I love the autumn- just this week the air had a whiff of autumn and my heart sang- and it surprised me... how could I forget how much I love the coolness of the air, the crunch of leaves under my feet, and the spectacular beauty of the hills around me... ? one just has to look at my fabric stash and glance at my 'browns' to see that I am inclined to buy the colors that sing 'autumn is in the air' I have to force myself to buy the chocolate browns...I Love the chocolate browns...but when I am out there looking at these huge selections of colors I forget what I came in for...and the autumn colors draw me I get just a wee bit for that 'quilt' I am going to make someday , for someone. Lately I have made some purchases on line...which is probably good for me- perhaps I buy less? (ha) anyway with a promise and a vision to make a quilt for my second child and spouse... i HAVE to look at the chocolate fbric to buy ( along with those of teal blue) alas, I also was looking at fabric to make some baby quilts... 4 additional grandbabies this year! and 3 hopefully will be getting a quilt made especially for them.... and in my effort to buy 'alittle' fabric to have on hand for when I create these... I found I bought one or two of the 'fall' color collections... I have a problem!!!
Hummmm maybe its because I woke up one morning and realized that my spring and summer have slowly retreated to my past, and I am alive with this wonderful autumn season! I am thankful that in the natural there is still fruit to be picked, banquets to be had, harvest to be gleaned, and things to be planted. The leaves may change color a bit, but they aren't yet dead... and they can sing in the breeze as the autumn winds blow....ummmm... a cup of tea, and sitting on the porch.... brings a smile to my face

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Settling in

After 4 months we are finally settling in a bit more... the last being where my sewing area is going to be set up, so I can not only access it easily but so it is inspirational, and pleasing to the eye...both for me and for Bruce. I also have come to accept that I like red, and so in setting up my area, I tended to bring the thread of red throughout each area.

Our bedroom is quite large, 14x14? and moving things around a bit have opened a bit more room. I needed to be a little creative in storing items both for the sewing area, as well as our normal other bedroom items, suitcases and the like. So I went to the second hand store found a microwave cart and another wall shelf unit for under $10 , and painted them white...I added the cabinet that was I inherited when I moved here (broken door and all) and found that it fit nicely onto my new white cart. The shelf unit was of similar design to another wall shelf, and the white suited it better than the unfinished pine look that it had. I also painted white the multi drawer /and shelf unit that I had inherited from one of my children...and brought them together. It took me the last couple of weeks to finally put away all the small stuff, take the fabric out of the plastic clear boxes- I need the visual to be inspired...this is the final result.