Monday, September 21, 2009


Okay for those of you that expect some spiritual exhortation from me will be disappointed... these are the facts.. down to earth plain facts:
10 or 20 years ago Monday nights you would find me with my teeth set on edge at 7pm. Why? because of Monday night FOOTBALL- Saturdays and Sundays already made for lonely times and by Monday night I was tired of being the one who had to give up TV ..more.. time!!!(not to mention the fact that I HATED football!)
Early in our marriage I tried to watch it with Bruce... but I was never exposed to the game until I was in my 20's...and I did not understand it. It was a big jumble for me. Over the years my boys got into watching the games too, and even some of the females in the fam would sit and watch, and they would even dialog with the men??? I still understood nothing! I wanted to, Bruce tried here or there- as these grown men would call out numbers, some running to and fro, then BAM! they would start smacking into each other, and goodness knows I could hardly follow the ball, much less watch what a 'tight end' did..besides by the time they ended up on top of each other it looked like...well never mind... lets just say they all looked alike from the backside.
Living in smaller quarters has been good for us. I liked having the cozier atmosphere, but it does come with the fact that the football, and other sports stuff...were going to be right in my face especially with this large screen TV- added to that the fact that Bruce has lost some of his hearing abilities (yes- probably due to that LOUD music he listened to as a teen, young adult) I was exposed to the SOUND in EVERY ROOM. SOOOOO I knew I had to just ...accept it... couldn't change it- it was just a fact...came with the territory... and I could either be miserable and stomp my feet demanding that- I (ME) - I get heard, that my life be made more comfortable OR I just yield to the inevitable and trust that my God could help me through.
I thought no more about it... and a couple of weeks ago I realized that while I was sewing (and my sewing room is right off the living room) I found I was following the game, asking questions and every once in a while standing up to see what was going on...??? hummm I found not one irritating thought or feeling in my HE did it again!!! HE changed ME (when I finally just yielded) and he didn't change him.. humph.... go figure... I guess my ideas aren't always necessarily the RIGHT ones.
Well that is small moment in our lives...