Monday, April 20, 2009

Bonding time

Living 1800 miles away does not make for getting to know grandparents (come to think of it, neither does 200miles) . Madeleine never met her grampa, and goodness knows she doesn't remember Maama from her time of being Bruce and I got to spend some time with Maddie today. (Jer had a couple of doctor appointments so we got to baby sit) I soon realized that I haven't really taken care of JUST a baby in a long time! and when there is only one- I actually don't get cranky- tired yes- but cranky , no. Anyway, after they left I got to feed her
( she really was smiling over this)

Then gave her a bottle and she dozed for a short time, when she got up she was very wet so i gave her a bath ...brought the baby tub to the kitchen sink, since there was no way I could kneel and give her a bath in the bathroom tub!
After bath, and after two changes of clothing we had some time on the couch- maama acting silly, peekaboo, silly sounds know things one does behind closed doors...and then I thought of the camera! so here is a good giggle shot

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a garden like no other

what a great way to teach children about the Resurrection!! Took the idea from here
so I went up to Dee's and gave her a break from the little ones for a half hour or so.
Sophia and Abby picked up small rocks, and wandered around the hillside. Bannon helped find the moss, and shoveled the dirt!
and here are a couple of pictures showing my insanity and the final product! If you look close you can see that our 'rock' with the tomb already carved in it was a great find..not to mention that I used my Heart Rock as the rock to cover the tomb after the crucifixion