Friday, November 14, 2008

A thankful Heart

I am so thankful for the blogs

I am thankful that I get to glimpse the heart of those who Love Him - He who sings over us!

I am thankful that I can be reminded of what it is all about...even if it is just pictures of your day, whether it be children, or your environment- indoors and outdoors

You have no idea on how it refreshes me.

Listening to your background music..speaks to my soul, and I am so thankful that you take the time to find or write ministering songs-

Though I might never write a comment on your blog- know I read them, they are precious to me, and give me hope.. hope of life dreams fulfilled, hope of knowing God speaks to all of us in the small and large things, hope of tomorrows, hope of healings, hope of a huge generation that will know God intimately from birth onward...because of you, because of your heart- your heart that longs, and seeks the truth, seeks to know more of HIM- right where you are, right there in the midst of your life, even sometimes just doing your thing among the 'stuff'... waiting....

and you breathe, you sing, you worship, you trust

Thank you all

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

quiet and waiting

God's creation- freckled, a little mischievous, compassionate, creative, ... these are some of the words that I know describe me.
Who am I? Who am I in this world... why am here today? What is it HE wants me to do? Encourager, exhorter... words for this morning- I agree I am that too.
But what am I to do at work, what do I answer when they say... what job do you want? what job will bring you peace? I want to say 'NONE!!!" I don't want to work at all! I want to spend my days with my husband and family, creating little gifts, or big ones , maybe sell a thing or two for a little spending money.... but my heart hears the whisper, confirmed by life's circumstance " Not yet, just a little longer. Chin up! I will give you rest!"
So back to the questions... what answer do I give today? and my heart knows the secret.. peace will lead the way. The 'Peace' that links with the One who lays out this path laid in stone, a light shines softly on each step ahead. Regardless of who is with me, this path is mine alone!
Sometimes- okay most of the time, I want to see where this path will lead, but He shares with me only that which this day needs.
So in a short while I will meet with my boss, and coworkers, nurses just like me... and I will tell of my desire, I will tell them of 'me'... I will take a step of faith, I will take a giant leap... the unknown, unwritten future will be a future of inner peace.

Monday, November 10, 2008

tribute to a friend


So much could be said, yet your picture tells it all, it radiates you in a moment of happiness. You were a woman loved and a woman that gave love.

A mother who loved her family- husband, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, parents, and in-laws
Grandchildren were the joy of her life- she loved to spend time with them, as much as she could.
She was more than her quiet demeanor spoke- a life that was lived in the echo of mercy and grace, knowing her own weaknesses, she yielded to His strength, once wobbling, and weary, she leaned into Him and found His strength enough ... she knew the power of the resurrected life, and worshiped freely the King of Kings.

Because you were forgiven, you freely forgave and harbored no ill.
Because you were wounded and healed, you had a heart of mercy, and handed out grace
Because you knew love, therefore you loved..... without expecting anything in return

My life was enriched by the moment in time, when our lives touched.... It seems it was too short.. but I guess it was time enough.

Thank you for your love.

Thanks for being my friend.