Sunday, June 27, 2010


The house is quiet with echoes of "Poppa! Poppa!" ringing in the room. Suitcases gone, pack and play empty, Mac computer gone, no bright smiles to greet my morning tea.This though is life and I want more than anything for my children to move on, to grasp hold of the hope of the future, having vision and courage to step out and meet their destiny. It isn't always easy for a parent to let their children go- but my heart knows its right- their future, their lives are in the hands of one mightier than I, one who loves them more than I, and one who wants them to know all that He has planned for them- good and not bad. We are only graced with them for such a short time, we watch them crawl, then walk, and before we know it they are running. If we look carefully we can watch wings develop, and before we know it they are running to catch the wind so they can fly and soar with the breeze taking them to new heights- heights we cannot bring them to.
Oh they might come crashing down on wings made of paper, but we know how to encourage them to use the wings He is creating, and what a pleasure to see them soar again- on His wings of Love.
God Grant me the wisdom and the strength to continue to encourage all of them to soar and go places without me- to find the destiny of their lives fulfilled in your plans. Grant me peace in staying behind and watching them move on.