Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year! A new decade! A new season!

as i look in the past year, the past 10 years and the past 60 years i am content to let it all go; but first a brief glimpse
a year of pleasure, of family and love- lots of love! esp from the little people- of fun, of hope, of people that don't include me, and people that do, of sorrows, and joy, of roadtrips, and airplane trips, of health and some sickness, of laughter, of anger, of offenses, of words unspoken, of words spoken too much, of forgiveness,of grace,of releasing a thing or two,
of changing of my days, of the dawn of retiring, the dawn of the days of a different season.
10 years holds the same, only on a much grander scale... more family, more friends were gathered and a few let go... i hoped for my hiking days to would increase with the years, but symba and those trails went along with my tears...... of learning to live without family and friends near, and finding a friend and a protector right by my side, ..... new countries, new family members, new living quarters 5 times!...(and i think now final).... finding a chef in the that is good!
upon reflection-now i see, and know that sometimes i struggle with so much...and it is all needless.
while i wonder about my absence from other people's minds, i am blessed with some memories and pictures too, and then i am tempered with wisdom by one full of grace- to trust it ALL to HIM- he knows my past, he knows my future, and best of all he holds me in his hand! and i trust him.!! i have to trust him,
he is all i have, all i want, and all i need-
he is wisdom- for a word spoken in season
he is strength for a weariness unspoken
he is laughter in the heart of this child
he is truth
he is balm to my aching bones
he is my source
he is my hope
he is the whisper of love when i need it the most
he is always faithful
he is my friend
he is my sight, when nearsightedness blinds me
he is the light in the grey of winter
he is... and because he is then I can trust him with you and yours!