Sunday, March 22, 2009

"what if its HIM?"

And so the song goes...challenging us to hear God speaking to us, in our normal everyday lives. We all "hear" Him in different I don't have to hear an audible voice to know its God... though there are a couple of times in my life, when I have this "I know that I've know!" that He has spoken... I can't explain it, something impressed upon my inside...oh well that is not what I am talking about here... Today I just wanted to share a little on how He speaks to ME... I am not you, and you might hear Him differently... but a number of years ago I started to see hearts in pretty much everything...trees, leaves, bath water, clouds... you name it.. I saw a heart, and in it God was telling me " I love YOU!" so I never got upset that someone else couldn't see how the branches of a tree formed a heart, I knew it was a message I needed to accept, that He loved me.
One day a couple of weeks ago I saw this on the way to my car...and turned around and got my camera...who would believe me?

today there is only a plain triangle rock, a vague reminder of the message I got that looks nothing like a heart!!!!

then on my walk Saturday I saw another heart, didn't have my camera so I brought the rock home, and took a picture of the rock
I know there are probably tons of rocks out there that look like hearts! but to me each is a small miracle, and I am encouraged in that moment-- He loves ME!!!---- thanks for listening

the eyes... final

Andrea did pretty good...18 was dee and 24 me... I can show the pictures to any that want to see, when I see you!
thanks for looking

Friday, March 6, 2009


Well here is a selection of family: knefley, levendusky. Although black and white the blue eyed folks shine their color...and I think you probably would be able to identify all .. but it was fun to sit and crop, after spending hours doing numbers... very relaxing! too bad everyone doesn't look face to camera so I can crop out eyebrows. I did notice that many of us have an eye droop...some right eye, some left... and those with two colored eyes tell the tale quickly... but again it was fun....1
. 2. 3. 4.

5 6,7

8 9 10 11


15, 16,17


22,23 24


Monday, March 2, 2009

my flea market finds

Recently I went to the one of the local antique barn/flea market places to look around for items to make my kitchen more to my liking. I don't know why I have never done it before, but with a relocation of our belongings soon to take place, I thought I would take advantage of the new space and plan on creating my environment.
I am basically a lover of the color red, so I intend to keep a thread of red throughout my little place. I also like roses, and the cottage cozy look, without so much of the shabby chic look... I like I need a tea area

I also am fond of some of the cutsie signs, and designs that probably fall into a folk art category... so I have been challenged to become focused as to how to pull it all together.. thank goodness for electronic ability to view other peoples houses, decorating styles, and daughters who encourage me to move me their ideas, sending me to those that can inspire me, and helping me overall to purchase what I like.
So my overall intent will be to have the red thread (as I said), utilize the trays with roses...that encompass red, pink, pale green and pale blue. A little yellow thrown in for added measure.

Now to complicate things I have these ugly green metal glasses from the 50's that just love, they are great for drinks in the summer, they keep cool for the longest time...but trying to match with my reds has been difficult, and my husband would just as soon get rid of them. (he lost the argument though) I also was given a wrought pot hanger from my that sister that I like ...and since we don't use or need much in the way of pots and holds all that of the most used. So I want to keep a little of the black wrought iron look. So posted here are some pictures of my focus areas, stove, tea supply, counter, and my little red table area.

the table has a papier mache tray leaning on wall, because I can't yet figure how to hang it without injuring it ( it is most likely an old Japanese tray...does not have the words made in japan, but does have an imprinted mark of a flower on the back.)
Well that's it for the moment....and Keila...don't worry I won't move my stuff in before you get your stuff out...but it is tempting!!