Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who am I?

I am who I was, only now a few years older- a friend of my sisters, the little red vase reminds me each morning of their love

I love tea and roses- though not in that order

my mom's daughter- her memory lingers on- fishing on the reservoir , a woman once young, an early home long forgotten

Inspired by colors,
Heart warmed by family and friends neither of them believe me when "I say I see you almost every single day!"

a mom who remembers little hugs, and little hands- then tears touch my eyes- I need to focus on today- and not was once was

I AM A child of God, saved by Grace and lost in His Love! Bathing me in the newness of each morning- I breathe the echoes of his plan for today and know it is good!


Andrea said...

beautiful mom! this warms my heart! now i know where i get alot of my "surrounding myself with beauty" from... you!!

Anonymous said...

Love this Adrienne, Simply perfect and beautiful!! Love Kristi